fermamente in movimento

Querciamatta Estate

Sangiovese that plays with characters.
Iridescent on the palate, fluid in your thoughts.
It is wise to taste, it is crazy to play.
Find your character

Let’s experiment, let’s play, let’s celebrate with the free-spirited rosé.

Liquid gold

For us Tuscans, ‘bono’ oil is culture and tradition. With our hands, from olive to oil, everything is transformed.

We live with passion in everything we do, we pay attention to detail, we are Querciamatta.

The Querciamatta world

Our courage is not a challenge against others, but a game with ourselves.
Here energy flows freely and rules are broken with a smile.

Two elements so close that they form a new word, a new meaning.

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Tenuta Querciamatta apre le porte al pubblico per la 3ª Edizione del WPQM.