Trebbiano Romanzato

Rosé wine

All it took was a walk through the rows of Casato, when a stubborn grain of Trebbiano, pushed by the Sirocco, brushed David's hand.

The tasting with Marco, the silence, the genius.

A sudden phone call
rips through Gianni’s laborious work:

-We need a barrique, and we need it now!

First the astonishment, then the request, finally the assent.
In the tumult of an anarchic September idea
and the understanding between a Trebbiano and three men, Vaiassa was born.

Put into the world to provoke,
endowed with an overbearing and vigorous character,
life later made her an elegant Young Woman,
without ever forgetting her roots.

Sleek but exquisite
Sensual and Elegant
She shows herself shrewd but entertains few.

You think you find her at the market, don’t be surprised to meet her at the theatre.
You think you see her in the Osteria, but today she has chosen an elegant bistro.
You hope to woo her with flowers, she will only accept carat gold.

She won’t be easy to find, but if you really want her,
look for her in the unusual, the provocative.

If you catch a glimpse of her amber hair, you may be very close.
If you catch a glimpse of her amber hair,
you may be very close
. If you perceive the smell of honey and butter of her skin, beware that she is near If you catch a his resin-coloured eyes at sunset,
chances are she is waiting for you.

But always remember who Vaiassa is:
you talk to her and she doesn’t listen,
you beg her and she turns away,
she greets everyone a little, she entertains herself with few,
watch her well now, that tomorrow you may not find her.


The technical sheet of our red wine will be the placemat for your tastings.

Vaiassa features 2022 Querciamatta

This white enchants the senses
and captures the imagination.
Every sip of Vaiassa is a step
towards the unknown, an invitation to
explore the depths of one’s
own being and to let oneself
seduced by the mysteries of wine.

Manual harvesting in boxes in the second ten days of September, after a dramatically hot and dry year.
De-stemming, spontaneous fermentation on the skins in stainless steel and ageing in barriques for 4 months.

Golden yellow colour with amber highlights. On the nose hints of wild flowers, cut grass, peach, honey, resin and light lactic and spicy notes. On the palate it has a fine entrance, with tannin present, gentle and soft. Its freshness and roundness make it elegant and combinable with fish, cheese and white meat dishes.

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Tenuta Querciamatta apre le porte al pubblico per la 3ª Edizione del WPQM.