EVO Oil Year Zero

anno zero

Our faces, our characters

Anno Zero is the name of our extra virgin olive oil family.
We are produced exclusively from Querciamatta olives.

Find out who we are: IGP Toscano Organic il Capofamiglia, Monocultivar Leccino Organic il Ragazzaccio, 100% Italian BIO il Grigio and 100% Italian BIO la Lady

Olio IGP Toscano Biologico - il Capofamiglia

I am rigorous, superior and royal. I have a strong and determined character. In the kitchen use me exclusively raw to enhance meat dishes, tartare or very tasty fish dishes.

I’m the first Monocultivar Querciamatta, with a strong personality and distinct notes. I’m perfect to enjoy both raw and cooked, and why not, even on ice cream.

Olio Leccino Biologico Monocultivar - il Ragazzaccio

My appearance is sober and elegant, I have a character that everyone enjoys… I could go into politics! I have the ability to enhance – strictly raw – fish dishes, tartare and white meat dishes.

I am the miss of the collection and because of my easy blend I can go with anything I want… Clearly, it’s a personal choice!

until the harvest

We want to make this important moment, so simple and so complex, our own.

Harvesting is serious, the olives must be looked after and treated gently until they arrive at the mill. It is nothing special, but it is our way.

Maximum care for a better product. We wait until each variety is perfectly ripe at the right point and do the picking by hand, so the olives aren’t exposed ti unnecessary stress.

the pressing

A few hours after the harvest, the olives are already at the mill.

It looks like a mechanical process: in go the olives, out comes the oil, but the pressing is essential to preserve the organoleptic properties of the EVO oil. Behind every little detail lies the path to quality.

The degree of ripeness of the olives, the different cultivars and the danger of oxidation, the pressing and the gramolatura are just a few variables that influence the process, making it in fact unique and unrepeatable.

We store the oil produced from each individual pressing in small containers, a process that allows us to accurately select fragrances and flavours, colours and characters.

olio di oliva

what is evo oil

EVO oil means extra virgin olive oil.

Oil obtained by extraction, only through mechanical methods, with an acidity level never higher than 0.8%. In Tuscany we call it ‘olio bono’, we appreciate simple things.

Simple like the farming methods of our olive trees and our land. Like our food choices. Like us. Because those who are really good turn complex things simple.

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