The Querciamatta estate and philosophy

the vision

Feeling, experimenting, transforming, playing, celebrating: this is what we do.
We dance barefooted at sunset and work with enthusiastic young people who find beauty in their daily lives.

We are here, in Tuscany, for these old vines in a peculiar soil, for this oil that is gold and light, to experience art as an extravagant manifestation of the self. We are here to turn a dream into reality, in this 13-hectare spot of freedom.

the project

what is so special about us?
Everything. And we are going to show it to you.

Wine, our passion.
The present: Sangiovese for our first two wines, rosé and red. Trebbiano for our first white.
The future: Cabernet Franc, Foglia Tonda, Merlot, Viognier and a new Sangiovese with which we will have a lot of fun!

Oil, true love.
For our oil, 7 hectares of olive groves. We grow Frantoio and Leccino varieties, Moraiolo in the higher, rocky areas.
2019 was our first year. Anno Zero is the name of our extra virgin olive oil collection.

the name

Once ‘La Quercia Matta’, today Querciamatta.

Stability and extravagance,
pragmatism and emotion,
tradition and novelty.


Two elements so close that they form a new word, a new meaning.
New like our courage, which fears nothing and is not afraid to be.

the estate

A place abandoned for more than 20 years, found and reinvented.
An estate with small hamlets, each with its own character and project, united by a single vision.

Wine, oil, events and spread hospitality, art embedded in the rural world.

Our area is devoted to cultivating olives growing but has no terroir renowned for wine.
Our challenge is to produce right here, in an unexplored hillside, a wine that tells Querciamatta’s story. A challenge that we embrace with passion and enthusiasm!
The entire project is based on respect for the land and sustainability, starting with organic farming, in harmony with the environment surrounding us, as close as possible to tradition but with an innovative spirit.
Restoring the dynamism of this land and reducing the environmental impact are our goals and our greatest satisfaction.

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Tenuta Querciamatta apre le porte al pubblico per la 3ª Edizione del WPQM.