100% Italian BIO oil - la Lady

The only lady
My black logo striped label is the liveliest and most colourful.
The gang calls me “the Lady”.

I am the miss of the collection and because of my easy blend I can go with anything I want… Of course it always depends on taste!

Aroma of noble grass with hints of black pepper. In the mouth I have a sweet entry with a very slight bitterness and a slightly pungent finish. I recall hazelnuts and soft tomato.

I chose a yellow colour with delicate green highlights

How our 100%
Italian organic oil is made

Despite the difficult year, caused by a very hot season, I remain ‘female’.

My character is all in the blend: the high percentage of Leccino gives me balance and softness, the Frantoio elegance and robustness, that touch of Moraiolo strength and flavour.

I was cold pressed on the same day as the olive harvest and naturally filtered.

To avoid oxidation, I rest in steel vats with inert argon gas.

raccolta olio toscano
olio 100% italiano

The strength of 100% Italian organic oil

My black logo striped label is the most vibrant and colourful.
The gang calls me “the Lady”.

My heady scent of noble grass is enhanced by notes of black pepper. In the mouth I have a sweet entry with a slight bitterness, I am slightly pungent in the finish. I recall hazelnuts and soft tomato. 

I chose a yellow colour with delicate green highlights

Why choose 100% Italian organic oil

I am amiable and delicate.
My affable character allows me to keep the whole family at bay.

I am only produced from Querciamatta olives, hand-picked with love by local people.

My oil mill is state-of-the-art: with its highly technological machinery it controls and enhances each of my qualities. And they are not few!

olio toscano in cucina

Characteristics of the 100% Italian Organic oil

The 100% Italian oil is a blend of Leccino, Frantoio and, to a lesser extent, Moraiolo cultivars. It has a balanced and harmonious yet robust and flavourful taste. On the nose noble grass and black pepper, on the palate hazelnuts and tomato, with a slightly bitter entry and pungent finish.

The 100% Italian oil is the most versatile in cooking, its balanced taste allows any combination, but to fully appreciate the hints of hazelnut and the scent of noble grass, it is best served raw and cold. Excellent as a base for the most delicate sauces and marinades, especially for fish.

Italian olive growers have always dedicated great care and attention to the cultivation of olives, which are harvested and processed using traditional methods to preserve their quality and organoleptic and nutritional characteristics. The aromas, flavours and fragrances of our land guarantee the quality of this 100% Italian oil with its complex aromatic nuances, versatile and appreciated in many culinary preparations.

The excellence of Italian extra virgin olive oil takes our culture everywhere in the world: the rich tradition of olive oil production is characterised by the highest quality production thanks to the combination of fertile soil, favourable climate and centuries of agricultural knowledge, for an EVO oil with a unique and unmistakable sensory profile. Balanced taste, complex aromatic nuances and a pleasant fruity note, together with a passion for the land and for a healthy and tasty lifestyle, the country’s culinary and cultural heritage.

100% Italian extra virgin olive oil is rich in antioxidants, monounsaturated fatty acids and valuable vitamins because it is cold-pressed and pressed within hours of the olive harvest. Thus it contributes to a balanced diet and promotes general health and well-being.

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