PGI Tuscan Organic Oil

The most Tuscan
My Black label with Gold logo is the chosen one for the PGI crown.
The gang calls me ‘Il Capofamiglia’.

I am strict, superior, regal-looking. I have a strong and determined character. In the kitchen, I am used exclusively raw to enhance meat dishes, tartare or particularly tasty fish dishes.

I smell of artichoke, in the mouth I am bitter on the entry and moderately spicy on the finish. My colour is golden green.

Think of me as the organic Tuscan oil par excellence, an extra virgin olive oil with a fruity market flavour, intense. And with the quality of the PGI mark.

How our IGP Toscano BIO oil is made

In spite of a difficult year – a very hot season – I remain the feisty one. My character comes from my blend: the Frantoio cultivar gives me elegance and robustness, the Moraiolo strength and flavour, the Leccino balance and softness.

I am cold pressed on the same day as the olive harvest, and naturally filtered.

To avoid oxidation, I rest in steel vats with inert argon gas.

raccolta olio toscano
olio toscano biologico

The strength of Toscano Organic PGI oil

The PGI designation crown gives me a rigorous, superior and regal appearance. It is no coincidence that the gang calls me ‘the head of the family’.

I smell of artichoke, in the mouth I am bitter on the entry and moderately spicy on the finish, persistent and harmonious. I have a golden green colour.

Why choose PGI Tuscan Organic Oil

I am the chosen one for the crown, the most rigorous, with a regal appearance. I am superior and PGI certified.

In the kitchen use me exclusively raw to enhance tartare meat dishes or particularly tasty fish dishes.

I am only made from Querciamatta olives that are lovingly hand-picked by local people.

My oil mill is state-of-the-art: with its highly technological machinery it controls and enhances each of my qualities.
Because I am the most Tuscan!

olio igp toscano

Characteristics of organic Tuscan PGI oil

Organic Tuscan PGI olive oil has a strong character, a persistent and harmonious flavour. Artichoke on the nose, bitter and moderately spicy notes in the mouth, for a strong and complex personality. The balance of the blend generates an oil of great complexity and harmony. An oil to be used raw, to enhance fresh dishes and relive the flavours of Tuscany on the palate.

The PGI crown is synonymous with excellence: organic Tuscan PGI oil must comply with all the strict specifications of the production rules, from cultivation to harvesting, organoleptic characteristics and acidity, the true indicator of freshness, protecting the consumer and the region’s cultural and agricultural heritage.

Tuscan PGI oil should be used raw to enhance meat dishes, tartare or particularly tasty fish dishes, raw or cooked vegetables, to dress salads and as a base for the preparation of strong-tasting sauces. Excellent for marinating meat and fish, as a tasty condiment and as an attractive garnish for dishes.

The PGI certification, combined with the organic certification, enhances the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the oil. We strictly follow organic farming specifications to offer a natural organic extra virgin olive oil, free of pesticides and harmful substances, that respects the environment and the land at every stage of processing, from the plant to the mill. All the way to the table .

Tuscan PGI oil represents the region in the world, it is a symbol of identity and tradition because it combines history and innovation and enhances the characteristics of the territory. The production regulations establish how the olives are to be grown, the varieties allowed, the oil extraction techniques and the traceability systems. We strive every day to achieve excellence and to protect Tuscany’s cultural and agricultural heritage.

PGI Tuscan extra virgin olive oil is rich in antioxidants, monounsaturated fatty acids and valuable vitamins because it is cold-pressed and pressed within hours of the olive harvest. Thus it contributes to a balanced diet and promotes general health and well-being.

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